El Altillo International School hosted the first TEDx Youth event in Jerez with the participation of 12 ISP schools from Spain.

The Lifelong Learning Mindset Laura T. Beauty Standards Lillian E. One Thing Óscar G. The Hidden Power of Breath Kacper J. Poetry: a Guide to Love Andrés B. The Mind of the Monkey Jimena G. How to Outsmart Propaganda Roman K. Social Media, a Double-Edged Sword Aitana J. Finding the Missing Piece Elena H. Is [...]

“Sharing Learning” from Ana Aguilera

Ana Aguilera,  from our ILOS Programme team talks to us about sharing learning and best practices. Best Practices Sharing: Could you highlight some success stories or innovative ILOS methods that have been particularly impactful within the past year? How is the ISP fostering a culture of sharing these best practices among schools? ILOS is in [...]

“Coming Together” – Diversity and Inclusion

Natalia Cáceres, Headteacher at International School Andalucía, our international school in Seville, talks to us about the impact of an international mindset on diversity and inclusion. How has the school actively promoted and fostered an inclusive environment, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and supported in their learning journey? As an International School, with [...]

Developing students’ Life Competencies

At ISP, we exist to develop the world’s most curious and confident minds through holistic, transformative learning experiences. As a global group of schools, our students benefit from being part of a wider international community, which provides many additional learning and cultural opportunities Through comparison and analysis of a range of international competencies frameworks, ISP [...]

St George International School of Madrid has joined ISP Iberia

We are extremely pleased to announce that St George International School of Madrid has joined the partnership. Since being founded in 2010, the school has been transforming the lives of students and families across Madrid and around the world, through best-in-class educational programs and state of the art facilities. The school's unique focus on providing [...]

Are you ready for the beginning of the new academic year?

Summer break is coming to an end, but we have the start of a new academic year in sight full of innovative learning, international opportunities, exciting new friends, and filling our backpack not only with new books and materials, but with unforgettable experiences. How do we prepare so that we can start this year on [...]

Games to entertain the kids while walking or driving

Those of us who travel as a family know that car rides or long tourist walks in a new city can go from being a pleasant activity that everyone enjoys, to a complicated situation where we have to handle when our children become bored and want to do something else. In ISP Schools, the teaching [...]

How to improve English vocabulary during the summer? By playing!

During the summer holidays children have time to relax, enjoy outdoor activities, or have fun with the family, but it is also a good opportunity to learn through play! In this post we bring you a series of ideas to improve the vocabulary of the little ones while they have fun playing new games. Scattegories [...]

Tips to maintain routines during summer vacation

As the summer holidays begin and things start to slow down, we leave behind early mornings and demanding schedules. During this time of year, we can become more flexible as our responsibilities relax, but it is recommended that your child maintain a routine for them to feel more secure and have a good emotional balance. [...]

Surviving Summer: The Summer Slide

Up to 40% of students learning from the past year is lost during the summer holidays Students will return to school in September with a lower level than they have now in June Just 2-3 hours each week can prevent this learning loss There are many fun yet effective ways to promote continued learning yet [...]

The importance of music education in the early school years

Music education has a vital influence during our early formative years. As well as broadening our specific music-related skills, we will be reinforcing many other skills that are stimulated by active music listening and learning an instrument. At ISP schools we base our teaching programmes on language learning from the first academic years, however, we […]

The importance of developing an educational programme based on integral education

The concept of integral education has established itself as an educational method that brings in knowledge from different fields. The aim is for the student to acquire all kinds of skills, which go beyond traditional, technical, and rote learning.  At ISP Schools we base our educational programmes on holistic education processes, starting with the teaching […]

Internacional Aravaca becomes first school in Aravaca-Pozuelo to offer the IB Middle Years Programme

Internacional Aravaca becomes first private school in Aravaca-Pozuelo to offer the IB Middle Years Programme. This Madrid-based school received the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) authorisation on May 22nd. At Internacional Aravaca they continue to advance in the objective of providing curriculums of international recognition, which prepares their students make a difference and excel. This [...]

ISP Schools, winner of the El Suplemento 2023 National Award in the category Educational Project

ISP Schools has recently been awarded with the Best Educational Project 2023 Award at the XII Edition of the National El Suplemento Awards. Miguel Ángel Garrán, Deputy Regional Managing Director, collected this award on behalf of ISP Schools on May 19th at a Gala held at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. El Suplmento is [...]

School Maker Faire @ El Altillo International School

Dear families, As you know, one of the pillars on which our school is based is the promotion of technology among our students. We have been making great strides with the incorporation of our Fab Lab and now we want to move forward and strengthen the “Maker movement” in our students. We are pleased to […]

ISP Schools organised the first global TEDxYouth event in Castellón with the participation of its 11 schools in Spain

British School of Vila-real was the host school for the 2nd edition of the global TEDxYouth event organised by ISP Schools and thus became the first TEDxYouth Spain event in the province of Castellón. The 11 young representatives of the ISP Schools of Spain have shared in English topics, ideas and experiences associated with the [...]

ISP Iberia Finance team was nominated and won the “ISP Reporting Award”

ISP Iberia Finance team was nominated and won the “ISP Reporting Award”. This award is given to the region, which has consistently delivered to Group reporting deadlines, throughout the FY22 financial year. This is a significant achievement and has been only possible because of the team’s hard work and commitment to their Finance responsibilities.   […]

ISP Schools launches its first global TEDxYouth event with the participation of 14 schools throughout Europe

The worldwide famous TEDxYouth event, where young people are the protagonists, will be held on the 16th of March at International School Andalucía. Fourteen young representatives from ISP Schools will be the speakers. By giving brief talks in English, they will aim to share topics, ideas, and experiences associated with the motto “Young Voices, Big [...]