A home away from home

Our residences offer students a home where they can enjoy first-class accommodation, a team to support their studies and opportunities for leisure and relaxation.

At present, 3 of our schools offer the option to take boarders:

  • Lady Elizabeth School (Jávea)
  • Palacio De Granda (Asturias)
  • Claremont School (United Kingdom)

Our residences offer students a comfortable learning environment with the support they need to ensure that each student develop the appropriate skills to progress and unlock their full academic potential in a harmonious and comprehensive atmosphere.

Daily life in the residence is organized by the coordinators (House Parents) who supervise their performance at school in the same way that any parent would do with their children at home. They organize the students’ study periods as well as their free time to help them consolidate a balanced character that will ensure their success, complete with frequent excursions.

We offer a flexible service that enables the accommodation to include the weekend as well.

It is a unique opportunity for any national or overseas student to benefit from a safe and internationally diverse environment


  • Located only 1 hour’s drive from Alicante airport, in an impressive setting with views of the Mediterranean and 2 hours from Ibiza by ferry.
  • British curriculum (supplemented by Spanish material)
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  • Located in the northwest of Spain, close to the Atlantic Ocean, and 4 hours from Madrid
  • Spanish / bilingual curriculum
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  • Located in two magnificent sites in East Sussex, a beautiful area in the south of England, 50 miles from London and close to the coastal city of Hastings.
  • British curriculum
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