ISP Schools launches its first global TEDxYouth event with the participation of 14 schools throughout Europe

The worldwide famous TEDxYouth event, where young people are the protagonists, will be held on the 16th of March at International School Andalucía. Fourteen young representatives from ISP Schools will be the speakers. By giving brief talks in English, they will aim to share topics, ideas, and experiences associated with the motto “Young Voices, Big Ideas”.

At ISP Schools, learning is the heart of all they do, and they want to constantly grant the best opportunities for their students and their families. They believe that it is fundamental that they also acquire experience outside the classroom and that they get the chance to connect with other ISP Schools students, thereby experiencing a total linguistic immersion and developing their communications abilities.

In accordance with this vision, and within the scope of International Learning Opportunities which they offer to their students, they have organised a TEDxYouth event for ISP Schools throughout Europe.

Many students applied within their own schools to be TEDxYouth Speakers. After several weeks of training and assessments, only one representative per each participating school was selected. The 14 finalists, belonging to schools from Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Italy, and whose ages fluctuate from 11 to 18 years old, have undergone a process of preparation and rehearsals. The aforementioned has involved external professional training, the appointment of a Coordinator as support in every step of the way, and several revisions of their talks in order to receive feedback from the organising committee and validate that they are complying with TEDx rules.

During the event, they will have the opportunity of giving a talk of 10 minutes maximum in front of a live audience about a topic which interests them, motivates them, and that they are passionate about, in line with the “Young Voices, Big Ideas” motto.

The event is for young people and it is also organised by young people. Its importance lies in the fact that it is a platform for students to reach other young people, influencing and inspiring them. Their talks will be a fountain of knowledge and inspiration for young people all over the world. The programme maintains the spirit of TED events, focusing on the power of ideas that change lives and, ultimately, the world.

“Our students are thrilled to take part in this exciting event, where they will have the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other international students from across our schools in Europe. It’s been a huge learning experience for them where they’ve developed their language and communication skills, as well as critical thinking, leadership and confidence. All this effort will culminate at the event in Sevilla, where the students will enjoy three days of learning and cultural experiences with their peers. We’re extremely proud of them!” says Cristina Callejón, Marketing Director Iberia for ISP.

The 14 talks will be available soon on the ISP Schools YouTube channel.

ISP SCHOOLS is a network of 11 private schools in Spain, specialising in British and international education. Its goal is to educate bilingual students and to help them reach their full academic potential, adopting an international mindset by means of an innovative learning style. They are part of International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest educational groups in the world, with more than 55 schools and 50,000 students in 16 countries.

The TEDx event is one of the many international learning experiences that ISP offers its students. Others programs include the Buddy exchange programme, Model United Nations, International Summer camps in the UK and USA, worldwide Math competitions, Chess tournaments, and Film festivals, just to name a few. More information about these programs can be found here.