English Schools in Spain – Enrol your children at ISP Schools

The English schools in Spain that are part of ISP Schools offer a British educational curriculum, reinforced by immersive experiences. Beyond the results of bilingual education, ISP Schools seeks educational excellence through a holistic educational process, with practical language learning at its core.

Why choose ISP Schools as your English school?

The reasons why ISP Schools guarantees a distinctive education are as follows:


Our approach to English education at ISP Schools


ISP Schools’ English schools in Spain follow an educational approach based on a combination of the British curriculum with elements of the Spanish education system. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and high quality education for students.

The British education system focuses on the development of critical thinking and independence in learning. The teaching method is based on the practical application of knowledge rather than memorisation. Emphasis is also placed on communication skills in English, which is considered an important asset in today’s globalised world.

In addition, we encourage a multicultural environment, where students can interact with peers of different nationalities, which promotes tolerance, respect and understanding of different cultures.


High Quality English Academic Programme


ISP Schools offer a rigorous academic programme in English, based on gradual language learning.

Students study a wide range of subjects, including English, mathematics, science, humanities, arts and sports. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn English from the earliest academic years, enabling them to gain access to English-speaking universities.

Hands-on, interactive learning is emphasised, using a wide variety of teaching methods to encourage active student participation.


A multicultural and bilingual environment


Schools with a multicultural and bilingual environment offer numerous benefits, among the most important of which is language proficiency in several languages, which offers academic, cognitive and social advantages. Bilingualism can improve cognitive flexibility, metalinguistic awareness and problem-solving skills.

In a multicultural environment, students are exposed to different perspectives and experiences, which helps them develop a more open and understanding mindset. This exposure can also enhance their intercultural understanding and their ability to interact and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, schools that are part of the ISP Schools prepare students for a globalised world. Students learn to value diversity as a positive thing.


Facilities and resources


ISP Schools’ facilities include the following:

  • Playground
  • Futsal and 7-a-side football pitches
  • Sports centre
  • Theatre
  • Eco-school
  • Sports courts
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Art room
  • Audiovisual room
  • Chemistry and biology laboratory and science area


Our highly qualified English teaching staff


Having bilingual teachers at ISP Schools offers multiple advantages, the main one being that they can provide effective instruction in English, which contributes to the development of exceptional language skills in students. Their command of the language allows concepts to be explained clearly and accurately, facilitating learning.

In addition, bilingual teachers act as role models for students in proficient language use, including the particular accent of the language and encouraging active listening to English.


Extra-curricular programmes and enrichment activities


Extra-curricular programmes promote the development of non-academic skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership.

In addition, extracurricular activities can foster interest and passion for fields beyond the standard curriculum, helping students explore and reinforce their individual talents and passions.

These programmes also provide opportunities for personal and social growth, allowing students to form new friendships and feel more integrated into their school community. Extracurricular activities can improve students’ academic performance and prospects, as universities and employers value participation in activities outside the classroom.


Our English schools in Spain



Educational offer of our English schools in Spain


In the English schools in Spain that form part of ISP Schools, language learning is basic and begins in the first academic years.

Infant Education

During the infant years, pupils begin to familiarise themselves with the basic vocabulary of the language.

Primary Education

The primary grades allow students to learn the basic structure of the language and to assimilate a wide range of vocabulary.

Secondary education

Secondary school helps students to improve their language skills, building up knowledge that will become a permanent part of their lives.


During the Baccalaureate, students acquire a technical knowledge of the language, oriented towards their subsequent university education.


Admission and enrolment process


The process of admission to ISP Schools may vary from school to school, but the basic stages are as follows:

  • Contact: Once the school receives the application form, we arrange a visit, which can be either face-to-face or online.
  • School visit: Both the family and the student visit the school and meet the teaching staff.
  • Test: A knowledge test, including a language test, may be arranged.
  • Confirmation and enrolment: Once the booking is confirmed, the enrolment fee is paid.

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