The importance of music education in the early school years

Music education has a vital influence during our early formative years. As well as broadening our specific music-related skills, we will be reinforcing many other skills that are stimulated by active music listening and learning an instrument. At ISP schools we base our teaching programmes on language learning from the first academic years, however, we […]

The importance of developing an educational programme based on integral education

The concept of integral education has established itself as an educational method that brings in knowledge from different fields. The aim is for the student to acquire all kinds of skills, which go beyond traditional, technical, and rote learning.  At ISP Schools we base our educational programmes on holistic education processes, starting with the teaching […]

What is educational technology and its application in the classroom?

Educational technology is present in our classrooms. ISP Schools students are digital natives, which means that they have been born into an environment in which the use of technology is an everyday part of their daily lives, which is why it is important that digital applications and educational technology, also be part of their education, […]

The advantages of learning in an Ecoschool

Learning the importance of environmental values during the academic stage is very important. If we want the next generations to be committed to respecting the environment, we must begin to include ecological education from the first years of school. The Ecoschool project is a challenge, in this case, both students and teachers are involved in […]

Go beyond. Expand your horizons

Living in another country is known to be the best way to be culturally immersed and embark on a journey of remarkable personal growth; ISP advocates  these important life skills with the Buddy Exchange Programme! The BEP enables reciprocal learning exchanges between ISP students for a period of one month. Buddies have the unique opportunity [...]

Benefits of multilingualism

At ISP Schools, we help students, regardless of the language they speak, to make friends with local students, better understand the local culture, and  interact more effectively with their peers. As English continues to be the language of global trade and commerce, an English-speaking school gives our  students an important edge when it comes to [...]

Well-being in child and teenage development

Maravillas Amorós, PhD in Psychology and Director of the Educational and Psycho-Pedagogical Guidance Department at Newton College, lead this talk about the well-being and educational development of children and teenagers, joined by pediatrician Lucía Galán and writer Johanna Habiak, who are both entrepreneurs and mothers. Below, we summarise in several questions and answers, the topics […]

What are multiple intelligences?

The concept of multiple intelligences refers to a theory for understanding the mind and was designed by Howard Gardner. It proposes that we do not have a single intelligence, but a set of intelligences. Dr. Gardner proposed that intelligence is not innate and fixed, intelligences can work individually or as a network and develop if […]

How we develop visual learning in childhood

All our senses provide us with information about our environment, visual learning is part of this process and it is also a very important part, because it will provide us with a large part of everything we assimilate.  Visual learning is not automatic, we must learn to draw conclusions from what we see and concentrate […]

The advantages of project-based learning

Project-based learning has established itself as one of the most effective methods for solving real problems in the classroom. The theoretical part of the syllabus is essential, however, sometimes we forget the importance of putting learning into practice. Projects allow students to face real situations, in which creativity and assimilated knowledge will be fundamental to […]

IB international mindedness, the best pre-university preparation

The International Baccalaureate is a two-year academic process aimed at promoting pre-university preparation in several languages. The IB International Mindset concept is key at this stage, the aim being that students are prepared for education in different parts of the world. At ISP Schools we develop a programme based on international adaptation, focusing on language […]

Educational Innovation

The concept of educational innovation at ISP Schools At ISP Schools we develop an academic process focused on language learning, but our students also develop their knowledge in other areas, which will be essential for their future. In this sense, educational innovation is a priority for us, both in terms of methodologies and the application […]

Fixed mindset vs. Growth mindset

How do you know if your children are really making progress every day? In this post, we will outline some of the key questions you can ask your children and the answers you can expect. We will also look at some of this scientific research on learning, differentiating between fixed mindset and growth mindset and […]

How to find out if your child is learning at school 

In the following post we are going to find out the key questions to ask our children and more importantly, the answers we should be looking for to find out if they are learning at school. We will also look at some key research that will give you a real insight into how you can […]

Are your children safe on the internet?

New technologies -although they are no longer "new"- are here to stay. And the appearance of Facebook, back in 2004, was a turning point that marked forever what the 21st century would be, and our way of living, socializing and understanding the world. But... is it all as beautiful as it seems? Is the Internet [...]

What is blended learning, face-to-face and distance education?

The temporary closure of schools in 2020-21  has generated the need to look for new teaching-oriented solutions. Blended learning is a method that takes advantage of the benefits of online education, while maintaining face-to-face classes in certain situations. The blended learning method allows flexible schedules for students and families, while maintaining the quality of teaching. [...]

Top 10 skills for 2030 and beyond

ISP Schools develops an online tool to predict the most in demand  work skills in the future Educators and parents both share a common question: how do we prepare young people for the future? ISP Schools are helping answer this question through a ‘mapping your future’ interactive tool now available online for everyone. It is [...]

Emotional intelligence in children and its importance for the future

Emotional intelligence in children is an important factor during their early years, and it will also be fundamental for emotional management in the future. Activities to develop emotional intelligence in children allow them to stimulate certain affective responses, which they can put into practice in their daily circumstances.   What is emotional intelligence and how [...]

The importance of new educational methods

The implementation of new educational methods enables schools to adapt their curricula to the challenges of the future. In just a few years, the labour  market has been completely transformed, and new teaching methods must encourage skills such as continuous learning and creativity. In our schools we propose new educational methods that allow us to [...]

The importance of Early Years education for the future

Early Years education is the first contact a child has with school education. In Spain these courses are taught from 3 to 6 years old, a very important stage for the education of a student, because during these years they  will learn much of the knowledge that will be basic throughout their school years. The [...]

How to work on emotions in primary school in educational environments

Emotional education at Early Years ages  is part of basic education. Knowing how to work on emotions in primary school will allow us to reinforce the student's emotional competences, promoting values such as empathy, solidarity or leadership.   What is emotional education? Emotional education is a set of pedagogical techniques related to the management of [...]

International schools with a method based on linguistic immersion

Linguistic immersion is what allows a student to really learn a language, with this method he or she can acquire a solid base of knowledge, to improve his or her command of the language in the future. In our international schools the concept of linguistic immersion is present on a daily basis, so all our [...]