ISP Schools organised the first global TEDxYouth event in Castellón with the participation of its 11 schools in Spain

British School of Vila-real was the host school for the 2nd edition of the global TEDxYouth event organised by ISP Schools and thus became the first TEDxYouth Spain event in the province of Castellón. The 11 young representatives of the ISP Schools of Spain have shared in English topics, ideas and experiences associated with the slogan “Future Makers, World Changers”.

At ISP Schools, learning is at the heart of everything they do and they want to continually provide the best opportunities for their students and families. It is important to them that their pupils also experience learning outside the classroom and connect with other pupils from ISP Schools, experiencing full language immersion and developing their communication and leadership skills.

Following this vision, and as part of the ILOS International Learning Opportunities Programme that they offer to their students around the world, they have organised this edition of TEDxYouth on 15 February where the 11 finalists of Spanish, Salvadorian, French-Algerian-Moroccan, Dutch, Swedish, Mexican and Austrian nationality have had the opportunity to give a 10-minute talk in front of a face-to-face audience on a topic that concerns, motivates and excites them, Dutch, Swedish, Swedish, Mexican and Austrian nationalities had the opportunity to give a 10-minute talk in front of a live audience on a topic that concerns, motivates and excites them under the slogan “Future Makers, World Changers”. The event featured live musical and sporting performances by British School of Vila-real students and the participation of coach and mentor Jaime Chicheri, The White Belt Traveler.

TEDxYouth@BritishSchoolVilareal is an event for young people and organised by young people. Its importance lies in the access to this global platform where students can reach out to, influence and inspire other young people. The programme maintains the spirit of TED events, focusing on the power of ideas to change lives and ultimately the world.

“TEDXYouth gives our students the opportunity to become speakers and be part of a great international experience. We want them to enjoy and meet other ISP Schools students in Spain and support them in developing their communication skills, empathy, leadership and responsibility. It has been a great training for them, in which they have worked on critical thinking, research and confidence. All this effort has culminated in TEDxYouth@BritishSchoolVilareal (Castellón), where the students have enjoyed an immersive three-day experience with their peers. We are very proud of them”, says Icíar Muñoz de Verger, Director of Research and Communication for ISP Iberia.
All 11 talks will be available on the ISP Schools Youtube channel.

ISP SCHOOLS is a network of 11 public schools in Spain, specialists in British and international education, whose aim is to develop bilingual students and help them reach their full academic potential, adopting an international mindset through an innovative learning style. They are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest education groups in the world, with 65 schools and over 58,000 pupils in 18 countries.

The TEDxYouth event is part of the ILOS International Learning Opportunities Programme that ISP offers its students globally such as the Student Exchange Programme, Model United Nations, International Summer Camp in the UK and USA, Street Child United, Maths Competition, Film Festival, I am an ISP Scientist and Chess Tournament.