The mission of ISP Schools, is to offer each of our students a unique and remarkable educational experience, which we call ‘Amazing Learning’: capable of getting better every day and to marvel at what they have learned, wherever they start from. Our goal is to ensure the students are happy and motivated in a relation that generates mutual trust.

Amazing learning happens when our students simply outdo themselves – and their parents and teachers too – with the degree of learning they have achieved. They have improved beyond a level higher than they expected.
We want our students to remember how we supported them to reach achievements that they thought were beyond them. We want them to remember how they excelled beyond their imagination when they are adults.
It is what our students and their families deserve.


Language learning occupies a prominent place in the education offered by ISP Schools, whose network includes schools that teach in accordance with British models and which are members of NABSS (The National Association of British Schools in Spain).

We incorporate the idea that all our centres teach subjects in English from early years, as well as a third language (French, German, Italian, Russian or Mandarin Chinese).

Our students come from over 50 different countries and many of them are fluent in 3 languages, which means that they we have a fully international environment which is supportive of language learning

As a member of the International Schools Partnership , our students can constantly learn and practice other languages in activities such as the Summer Camp, Model United Nations (ISP MUN), Body Exchange and many others.


ISP Schools are fully committed to giving our students a fully rounded education. This is why we not only teach them an enriched curriculum, but we also foster our students’ experience of the central values of autonomy (confidence and self-respect), tolerance (essential respect for social coexistence), responsibility (constancy, generosity, honesty), cooperation (commitment to the community) and solidarity (compassion for the vulnerable).

ISP Schools understand that education in values means developing our students’ critical awareness, encouraging communication skills and debate, so that they can exercise and live in freedom and respect for others, in the context of a diverse and intercultural society.

Educating in values also means bringing up people to be autonomous, creative, active and responsible participants, successful citizens of the future, able to express their feelings, ideas and knowledge.