International Opportunities for Students

As members of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest education groups in the world, our students have the chance to participate in multicultural exchanges and experience living abroad.

These programmes offer students the chance to have memorable educational and cultural experiences abroad that enable them to fully develop their language and communication skills, advance their learning, and make long-lasting friendships around the world in a safe environment.

This year we will be running our International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS), enabling even more of our students around the world to join these unique learning experiences. Our programmes take place in schools, online, and in-person depending on the project that you plan to pursue.


To provide amazing learning experiences that help our students develop life competencies such as language and communication skills, intercultural understanding and leadership, among others, helping them become responsible global citizens.


By 2027, ILOS will offer every ISP school the opportunity to offer their students a portfolio of international learning experiences that build lifelong competencies through a range of scalable and sustainable beyond-the-classroom programmes.​​​​

Some of the words used so far by our students, parents, and colleagues to describe our International Learning Opportunities for Students include:
“Amazing”, “Educational”, “Empowering”, “Inspirational”, “Life Changing”, and “Unique”!

The programmes will now be available to a wider age range of students from 5 – 18 years of age, enabling more of our students around the world to join in on these new learning experiences. They will also offer a more diverse mix of subject areas, which we hope will appeal to all of our students. They will be conducted in various modes: online, in school, and on-site.