Educational Innovation

The concept of educational innovation at ISP Schools

At ISP Schools we develop an academic process focused on language learning, but our students also develop their knowledge in other areas, which will be essential for their future. In this sense, educational innovation is a priority for us, both in terms of methodologies and the application of technology in the classroom. 

The future will be digital, so it is very important that our students learn to handle the tools that will be common in the immediate future, and that will allow them to adapt to the changes that the future will bring. 

At ISP Schools we continue to work every day to ensure that educational innovation is a differential advantage for our students.

What does educational innovation mean at ISP Schools?

The concept of educational innovation is very broad, and can be applied to many different aspects related to teaching. However, at ISP Schools we focus the development of innovation on both academic methodologies and the application of technology in the classroom. 

Many studies have been developed over the last few decades in reference to academic processes that abandon traditional classes, so that the student is the protagonist, and acquires knowledge about the world around him/her. At ISP Schools we apply new methods of educational innovation on a daily basis, and we perceive the improvement that this type of teaching brings to the classroom. 

Applying technology in the classroom

Having a Fab Lab taking advantage of methods such as the Maker Faire allows our students to live with technology in their daily lives.

Beyond the practicality of using technology in the classroom, these types of activities and subjects motivate them, help them to improve in other areas of their education and they have fun in class. 

All schools that are part of the ISP Schools integrate extensive parts related to applied science into their academic programmes. For this training to be effective, the right equipment is needed, and our schools have fully equipped laboratories so that theory becomes practice, and our students can see how science becomes reality.  

Academic innovation in terms of educational methods

Science education does not produce results unless it is part of a broader academic plan. At ISP Schools, learning means experimenting, and our students can do this in the perfect environment. 

The educational innovation that we implement in each of our schools has the following bases:

  • Gamification. Gamification processes motivate students. Games and challenges in the classroom help to keep students interested and generate positive dynamics. 
  • Reverse pedagogy: In this case, what we are looking for is for the student to be the true protagonist of his or her own training process. Active participation is the key to reverse pedagogy.
  • Cooperation: Collaboration between students is also fundamental. The learning process is not carried out in isolation, at a homogeneous pace, students can learn from the experience of their peers, through collaborative activities. 
  • Use of technology: To complete a programme of educational innovation it is essential to apply technology in the classroom. 


There are many principles that are applied in an innovative methodology. At ISP Schools we try to incorporate all the advantages of new academic techniques so that our students receive the most complete education.  

Educational innovation in language learning

The usual methodologies in our country, in reference to language learning, are based on the theoretical part of the language, however, learning a language means speaking and understanding it. 

Educational innovation includes the teaching of languages from the first years of infant school, when the brain is prepared to assimilate language at a higher level than in later years. In addition, pupils need to have an environment in which they can put what they learn into practice, in order to fix their knowledge in the long term. 

International experiences are also part of ISP Schools’ programmes. A student who is able to travel to English-speaking countries during their training will be able to apply the language correctly, and will also have the opportunity to experience other cultures first hand.

The main objective is that the process is not limited to the memorisation of vocabulary and syntactic structures, but that it integrates all aspects of education.

Amazing learning at ISP Schools

The concept of Amazing Learning, perfectly defines the educational experience that our students receive throughout their educational process. Motivation and happiness are essential to encourage the assimilation of knowledge. At ISP Schools we work every day to ensure that our students enjoy learning.  

We are committed to helping each student to achieve their goals and broaden their educational horizons beyond the academic curriculum. By inspiring them, we ensure that their education is the first step on the road to success. 

The collaboration of families is also important in this journey. Educational innovation could not be implemented correctly if families were not involved in this process, which is why we provide the necessary means so that all families can participate in the education of their children, forming part of the ISP Schools experience. 

ISP Schools is made up of 11 public schools in Spain, in collaboration with 60 other centres in 16 countries around the world. Our international mentality allows us to create a truly innovative academic environment, which offers each of our students the perfect environment to develop their abilities.