IB international mindedness, the best pre-university preparation

The International Baccalaureate is a two-year academic process aimed at promoting pre-university preparation in several languages. The IB International Mindset concept is key at this stage, the aim being that students are prepared for education in different parts of the world. At ISP Schools we develop a programme based on international adaptation, focusing on language learning and IB open-minded concepts. 

What is the IB International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is an educational programme focused on pre-university academic preparation, which also integrates the previous educational phases. Beyond the assimilation of knowledge, this educational process seeks to instil in students other values related to international adaptation.  

International Baccalaureates are aimed at people who wish to opt for an international university education, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. IB courses not only allow students to learn a language, but also add what is known as IB international mindedness, which allows them to insist on other values that will also be important during their university courses. 

International pre-university preparation

International Baccalaureate courses incorporate six subjects, from which students prepare for their university course. 

  1. Language and literature studies: There are more than 80 options, but the usual focus is on the student’s native language or the language in which he or she will be studying at university.  
  2. Language acquisition: This is language learning, oriented towards academic use.  
  3. Individuals and societies: It is possible to choose between social sciences and humanities. These courses include geography, history, philosophy, economics, psychology, etc. 
  4. Science: Scientific preparation in chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, etc. 
  5. Mathematics: Four different courses based on the area in which the student wishes to specialise. 
  6. Arts: Specific training in different aspects related to the arts. 


This programme provides the knowledge base necessary to face the subsequent university challenge with guarantees.

The IB International Mindset concept 

International mindedness is a broad concept, which implies a complete academic programme. International pre-university programmes focus on inculcating knowledge oriented to the subsequent stage of education, but also encourages values and skills that go beyond the curriculum. 

Facing a university education in a foreign country is one of the greatest challenges a student can face. It is important that they have a broad technical knowledge, but it is also essential that they acquire a much broader set of skills, enabling them to draw on all kinds of resources.

The open-minded IB vocation is therefore not only based on the academic curriculum, but also integrates other skills that will enable students to adapt immediately to their new learning environment, regardless of where in the world they choose to study.

Characteristics of an internationally minded IB school    

Schools with International Baccalaureate programmes offer a suitable educational environment, based on the following principles:

  • International mindedness must be part of the school’s mentality. A partial application of this concept is not enough; students must identify with the principles of international-mindedness in the academic environment. 
  • The school management must also contribute to the promotion of an international environment by making a commitment to the education of its students.
  • Internationally minded schools are based on a holistic philosophy. We start from an idea from which a curriculum is designed which not only includes the two pre-university years, but follows a pathway which begins in the early stages of schooling. 
  • The whole school community must be involved in the process. Creating a multicultural environment, involving parents and the environment in which the school is located, is essential if pupils are to perceive their education as a holistic process. 
  • Obviously, language learning is very important in the International Baccalaureate. In addition to improving the general aspects of language, there is also a strengthening of the language part of language for further education. 
  • Generally speaking, schools should be committed to improving and enriching the lives of students, encouraging learning beyond the classroom and personal commitment to education. 

Reinforcement of pre-international baccalaureate courses

An internationally minded IB is a 2-year academic phase, but builds on the previous stages of education. In many respects, the International Baccalaureate is a stage of further education, so it is important that students have acquired a range of prior skills in previous years.

The concept of IB international mindedness starts from the Key Stage 1 courses. Throughout the years that complete their education, students acquire a solid technical background, but also learn to communicate in several languages, as well as a set of values and social skills, which will be basic to their future international experience.     

It is virtually impossible to undertake IB courses without prior preparation. Students who follow international programmes at all stages of their education have an adequate knowledge base, not only in terms of language, but also in other aspects of international education. 

International Baccalaureate at ISP Schools

ISP Schools is a network of 11 international schools in Spain, specialising in British and international education. All our schools have programmes which culminate in International Baccalaureate courses, and ISP Schools is part of an international academic organisation, which allows us to offer our students immersive international activities at all levels, from the earliest stages of their education. 

At ISP Schools we apply international programmes at all stages of education. Our experience has shown us that our educational programmes really do prepare students for their next challenges. International experiences during the university period enrich students’ education. At ISP Schools we work to ensure that our schools are the best support for their future.