Our commitment is to put our students and their learning first. For this reason, our schools are prepared for distance learning and our teaching staff is trained to ensure full continuity of learning for our students in challenging situations such as the quarantine imposed by COVID-19.

The learning process that all ISP Schools use for distance learning is characterised by:

  • A clear focus on learning
  • Evoking feelings and motivation
  • Attention and commitment
  • Sharing and connecting
  • Practical learning
  • Constant and regular routine

One of the many benefits of belonging to a global education group like the International Schools Partnerships (ISP), is that we form a community where we can share our best practices and provide mutual support. Our teaching experts have prepared an effective distance learning strategy which includes support materials and resources. They are designed to ensure coherent learning and to enable our schools to continue to improve over time.

We are aware that the exceptional circumstances are changing the lives of teachers, students, and their families, but changes bring both challenges and opportunities. One of these opportunities is to show what it means to be a “school” when it has no physical structure or space.

Watch these videos to see the student experience during distance learning: