The ISP Maths Challenge is one of our exciting new International Learning Opportunities for Students launching this October.

The online competition will enable students from ISP Schools around the world, to compete with each other through fun activities and challenges, with the opportunity for them to also go head‑to‑head with other ISP students in real‑time races that test the speed and accuracy of mathematics fluency.

The ISP Maths Challenge is free to enter and there is no limit to the number of students that can participate from each school.

The competition provides inspiring opportunities for ISP students aged 5 – 18 years to practice and improve their maths and problem‑solving skills through games‑based learning as well as the opportunity to win educational prizes!

This new learning opportunity will engage our students with Maths through a games-based learning approach and by taking part in the competition students will practice and improve their maths skills through creative activities that balance learning and play. Games based learning via online platforms encourages and motivates students, enabling them to see and feel proud of the progress they are making and creating a fun and engaging learning environment. It enables precise differentiation for each individual student and rewards improvement.

What knowledge, skills or understanding will students develop?

The learning outcomes of the Maths Challenge includes:

  • Improving problem-solving and maths skills
  • Motivating students and fostering positive attitudes to maths and problem-solving
  • Applying maths in interesting contexts outside of the formal curriculum
  • Combining maths skills with other important skills like collaboration and creativity