ISP Schools, as part of International Schools Partnership (ISP), has committed to building a better world for both current and future students.

Through our new ISP Futures Programme, we reflect on what we want the International Schools Partnership (ISP) to be like in ten, twenty, and fifty years’ time.

The ISP Futures programme will focus on Education for Sustainable Development to give the next generation all of the skills and knowledge necessary to handle the social and environmental changes that will occur in the near future.

What we are doing to achieve these commitments?

The ISP Forest – through our partnership with NGO Tree-Nation, in we committed to planting one tree per ISP student and staff member in accredited reforestation projects around the world. In the year 2020-21 alone this amounted  to over 55,000 trees in 10 planting sites around the world.

The Tree-Nation mission is to reforest the world. They aim to fight against deforestation and to revert its effects on the world’s climate, to bring sustainable development to communities, and preserve biodiversity for all species whose existences are intrinsically bound to the forests.

ISP Change Makers – ISP Schools will be encouraged to organise activities with their students and wider communities around international environmental days: Earth Day on April 22nd, Litter Less Day in May, and World Environment Day on June 5th.

ISP will provide a resource pack with a range of ideas of environmental projects and activities that each school can choose to implement. Participation in these days is optional, and schools can choose to take part in just one or all of them. We also encourage ISP staff in our regional offices to support and organise activities around these international environmental days.