The ISP Film Festival is our latest International Learning Opportunity for Students that provides an amazing new opportunity for our students aged 13 – 18 years old to take part in a free months-long filmmaking programme from November – July.

Groups of students from ISP Schools will learn about different aspects of the film industry from planning to post-production. Together, they will produce and submit a short film which will be voted on by other students and a panel of experts. There are many benefits for students in creating a short film and participating in this type of programme, including strengthening creative ability, collaborating over a long period of time, developing and applying 21st century technological skill, and employing their organisational skills.

The programme aims to offer students a lifelong-memorable experience and provide a platform for possible future career pathways in filmmaking and media.

The Film Festival offers students the incredible opportunity of being able to interact with film industry professionals through ‘Inspiration Sessions.’ These sessions will help students extend their learning and will not only be with film industry professionals from all over the world, but also with course leaders and skilled technicians from the Arts University of Bournemouth in the UK. During these Inspiration Sessions, the industry professionals will share their expertise in many ways, including recorded interviews, interactive forums with Q&A sessions, and tutorials.

The ISP Film Festival Awards Ceremony is where films will be awarded in six categories: Best Picture, Best Acting Performance, Best Sound Editing, Best Original Script, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design. Every film crew and the entire ISP community will be welcome to attend the awards ceremony. We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more or to apply for the ISP Film Festival, contact your school Film Festival Coordinator.