‘I am an ISP Scientist’  is one of our exciting new international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects for ISP students!

This year from September – December, ISP students aged 8-14 are invited to participate in real-world STEM research through citizen science, supporting students to connect their classroom learning to real research and encourage learning about thinking scientifically.

Past Project

The theme for last year´s project was plastic pollution. Ten million tonnes of plastic waste is entering our oceans every year and 99% is still missing.

We partnered with the fantastic team at Ellipsis Earth and ISP students used cutting edge technology to help create a global heatmap of plastic waste, mapping the missing plastic waste, identifying trends and targeting hotspots, and influencing lasting change. They considered the following questions when conducting their research:

  • Where is the plastic ending up?
  • How far around the globe does it travel?
  • How long does it stay in the ecosystem?
  • How quickly do cleaned beaches and cities become re-polluted?

Today, it’s all a mystery.

Without knowledge, we are stuck.