• Loyalty – Being loyal to teachers and classmates, and ultimately to oneself, in order to become honest and honourable young adults.
  • Aspiration – Setting the highest personal goals and never giving up on one’s dreams, making the extraordinary happen.
  • Unity – Building a sense for community; working together for a common objective and nurturing long-lasting, sincere relationships.
  • Determination – Working consistently to achieve one’s personal best, both academically and beyond the classroom. Understanding that when we don’t achieve a goal first time, we learn to start again so that in time we will succeed.
  • Empathy – Being sensitive to the needs of others, whilst celebrating our differences as well as the many things which unite us. Showing kindness and care towards everyone we encounter.


  • Begin with our children and students.
    Simply, their success is our success.
  • Treat everyone with care and respect.
    We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of each other.
  • Operate effectively.
    We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference.
  • Are financially responsible.
    We make financial choices carefully based on the needs of the children, students and our schools.
  • Learn continuously.
    Getting better is what drives us.